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In the Education section of our Pro-Protest collection, we shine a light on the urgent need for teachers to receive better pay, a living wage, and the care they truly deserve. Let us honor the tireless dedication of educators, ensuring they are valued and supported as they shape the minds of future generations, creating a brighter tomorrow for us all.
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  • Why Womanist?

    Womanist is a transformative and inclusive framework that celebrates and advocates for the empowerment, rights, and intersectional experiences of Black women and communities. We established this space to empower, love, cherish, and celebrate our lives, driven by a desire to shift away from narratives of pain and create an avenue for unapologetic self-expression.

  • History

    The term "womanist" was coined by author and activist Alice Walker in her 1982 book "In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens: Womanist Prose." It emerged as a response to the limitations of mainstream feminism and aimed to encompass the unique experiences and struggles of Black women within the broader context of social justice and equality.

  • Pro-Folk

    As Black women, we deeply understand the significance of community and mutual celebration. We're dedicated to empowering every Black individual, rejoicing unity, embracing diversity, and cultivating shared joy within our community. In unison, we elevate and magnify each other's voices, and nurturing a profound bond.

    Nurture Black Happiness 
  • Pro-Mental Health

    We tirelessly champion mental health services, advocating for barrier-free access to clinicians and support, because everyone deserves compassionate care. Through humor and encouragement, we navigate the path to self-discovery, fostering growth and understanding within a community that embraces every step of the journey

    Celebrate Compassion 
  • Pro-Protest

    Womanist Wear amplifies individual voices against systems that perpetuate impoverishment, homelessness, climate impacts, and inequality, exposing disparities enforced by ever-changing laws favoring the privileged. We passionately advocate for equitable teacher compensation, acknowledge the historical truth of stolen land, and steadfastly embrace a radical leftist ideology for justice, compassion, and transformative change.

    Amplify Resistence 
  • Pro-LGBTQ+

    We proudly represent facets of the LGBTQ+ community, embodying a daily celebration of our vibrant existence through dance, joy, and life itself. Beyond the public gaze of pain, this collection boldly showcases diverse aspects of our community with unwavering confidence.

    Embrace the Rainbow 
  • Pro-Hoe

    Reclaiming one's relationship with sex is a unique journey for each individual. At Womanist Wear, we honor the celebration of consent, kink, relationships, and diverse expressions of sexual pleasure, embracing and loving every aspect of you, regardless of body, shape, size, ability, or color.

    Embody Your Desires 
  • Pro-Choice

    We champion the fundamental right of bodily autonomy and the freedom to make informed choices about one's own body. Our advocacy encompasses accessible sex education, readily available birth control, recognizing abortion as healthcare, and affirming the essential importance of acknowledging and supporting vulvas.

    Support Reproductive Freedom 
  • Pro-Spirit

    Womanist Wear wholeheartedly embraces diverse religious beliefs, celebrating spirituality, religion, manifesting, intuition, astrology, tarot, and the varied forms of the human spirit. We champion individual differences, fostering a community where sharing and mutual respect thrive harmoniously.

    Honor Spiritual Journeys 
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